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Local Information and Resource Pages

ConservingCarolina.Org: Also known as Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy. Their mission is preservation. One of our biggest assets is our bold mountains, great rivers and green space. Between the Conservancy and the local movement they have been able to preserve more than 6000 acres of land in recent years and they have also built five new parks.

WWW.ChimneyRockPark.Com : Originally owned by the Morse family the park was sold to the state about 9 years ago. This is one of the most active parks in North Carolina. It is also one of the few parks the state charges an entry fee.

WWW.TownofLakeLure.Com : The Hickory Nut Gorge consists of 5 towns. Lake Lure is the largest of them. It also has the Lake so of course it is critical to the tourism as well as the overall health of the area. The town has spent a good amount of time developing a future plan for the area. If you look on the town website under Town Center you will see a lot of this plan. There is also an area that looks out into the future. : This site is run by friends that moved to the area. With some technology in their background and time on their hands they created this informative site. I think you’ll enjoy looking through it. : Here is the new School Website. The Lake Lure Classical Academy is a public tuition free Charter School. It is part of the Challenge Foundation Academy System : Looking for a sense of community? The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is a community project run by volunteers. Just three years ago the Department of Transportation replaced this old 1920’s bridge. But instead of removing the great structure it was transformed into a wonderful garden. More than 75,000 people visit the bridge each year.