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Listing a home with the best

When listing a home for sale, there is a lot to know. Starting with real estate commissions. Commissions for a home sale are normally paid by the seller. Commissions are earned for an agent one of two ways. For a home that is listed with a 6% commission, normally 3% would go to the agency that lists the home and 3% would go to the agency that brings the buyer. For many, there is a misconception about how much a Realtor makes on a home sale. Once a sale has been transacted most real estate firms require  a further split of the 3% between the agent and the agency. So just what should you look for, while thinking about listing your home?

We encourage all sellers to shop around for who they will list their home with. Although its nice to list with a friend, your listing choice may mean the difference of selling your home or having your home become “THAT” home, the one that just sits on the market.

The highest price isn’t usually the best agency to list with. Some realtors will give you a high price to buy your listing. Everyone wants to sell their home for the highest price. But not all Realtors do deep studies of the market to determine what the highest price most likely will be. With all Realtor presentations, ask for the sales facts that support their probable sell price. If they don’t have them with them, they may not really be prepared to know your homes true value.  In the long run over pricing a home to gain a listing only hurts the seller. As a realtor we don’t set the real estate prices. It is our job to understand pricing and have open and honest discussions with you as the seller as to the pros and cons of your home. Selling a home can be stressful. The comments we make aren’t in anyway to discourage your home sale. These comments should help you as a seller to understand your homes positioning in the current market

Ask the right questions: Listing your home is the easiest part of the sale for a realtor. But for you as the homeowner you want to list with an agency that not only wants listings but has a proven sales record in your immediate area. Don’t be shy to ask for sales data and how your realtor plans on selling your home. Have your realtor outline what tools they use for a successful marketing on a home.

Since the 2017 DK Professionals Realty Lake Lire Inc has had more sales transactions in the Lake Lure zip con than any other Realty office.

Listing Process and Support

  • Pull market data for past sales and current on the market homes
  • Meet with client to discuss openly the pros and cons of their property
  • Work up a market price ( CML)
  • Create and sign listing paperwork

Listing Marketing

  • Create a hard copy marketing brochure for the home
  • E-version brochure for MLS
  • Professional photo shoot
  • You tube listing video
  • Drone photos if they will enhance the listing
  • MLS listing and distribution to all real estate websites
  • Buyer matching from our CRM
  • E-blast
  • Agent emailing
  • Buyer leads: Ask all realtors where they get their buyer leads and how they manage these leads.
  • Signage, open houses, pointers, etc. where applicable.

We are always here to help. So even if you are just thinking about what your home might be worth, please give us a call 828.436.5120