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Lakefront Homes

At DK Professionals Realty we like to think we match home buyers with a lifestyle and than a home to fit their dreams. A lakefront home is also a lifestyle choice. Living on a lake isn’t like any other experience. Lake Living is specific. You day to day life is centered around the lake and what it has to offer. Lake home may be a simple as a small lake cabin built in the 1920’s to a more modern and elegant lake castle. But regardless of your budget and lifestyle choice all these homes have a common theme, the lake you sit next to.

For the first time lake buyers, you may not realize that not all lake homes are created equal. An entry home will give the buyer direct lake access, suitable living space, but may lack the amenities many lake owners seek for a great lake experience. As amenities are added to any lake property, so goes the asking prices. Before shopping for a lake home put together a list of the things you must have in a lake home and the things you might like but can live without. While creating your list. Don’t loose sight of the fact, you are buying a lake home for the lake. Not for the 5-flat panel televisions your home may or may not have.

Think of the following important items for your  lake home wish list

Budget: The higher the budget the more amenities and better properties you will find

Home: homes in our area range from the small 700-900 foot lake cottage to expansive lake retreats

Property location, contour and views: Flat lots and long views will generally bring a higher asking price for a lake home. What you might not know is that as a rule of thumb a steep lot will usually have a deeper lakefront, so flat isn’t always better.

Long view versus cove location: Your views are part of your lifestyle choice. A long view is great for sitting and watching the activities on the lake. But the open water also brings more boat activity. On the other hand a wide cove is perfect for safe water activities around the docks and boathouses without unnecessary boat traffic. Both lake living scenarios are great. But one or the other may not fit your lifestyle choice.

Outdoor Space: Many lake homes are used by vacationers and outdoor lovers. So a view isn’t the only thing that’s important. Make sure your lake home has a good area where the entire family can get out and enjoy the fresh air. Boathouse decks, stone patios, dock areas, screened porches are all great lake home additions.

The water front playground: Each lake home will have it’s own character. Part of each homes character is its waterfront. Whether you have a double boathouse with party dock or just a good sandy beach, your waterfront is where you want to plan on spending lots of sunny afternoons.

Boating on the lake: Speaking about our local lakes, it is safe to report that we have found a great balance in power and non power boating activities. On a sunny Saturday afternoon you are likely to find as many paddle boards, canoes and kayaks as you will find power boats. So pick a home that will accommodate the toys that fit your lifestyle.

Lake activities: The activities on a lake are endless. Each year we seem to find something new. Some of the most popular activities include, pontoon cruising, skiing, tubing, fishing, bird watching, paddling. swimming, exploring or just dropping anchoring in a quiet cove and reading a good book.

Our Sunsets: In early evening on most clear nights, the center of our lakes becomes a spot where neighbors meet to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset. Lake Lure in particular is positioned in such a way that the sun as it sets in the West reflects beautiful color changes and reflections off the steep rock cliffs of Hickory Nut Gorge. There aren’t to many more beautiful places than we have here.

These are just some of the things to think about when planning a lake home purchase.  As you may have noticed I have not added many traditional home search topics. Because buying a lake home is a lifestyle, it shouldn’t be measured in square footage and bedrooms. Focus on what will make you have in the end. Let our team At DK Professionals help you with you research. We have great technology to create home searches geared to your specific requests. In 2017 and 2018 we have been the number 1 realtor for Lake Lure properties.