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Lake View Real Estate


Lake view Homes

When we look at real estate properties we also encourage our clients to look at life styles and budgets. There are many ways to enjoy the lakes of Western North Carolina. For some, the ultimate dream is to own a Lakefront home. For others, it might be to have the benefit of a gorgeous lake view home without actually being water front. Owning a lake view home has many benefits. First and most you get the endless views of being on the lake without higher taxes. Lake view homes often come with larger lots, easier access and a wider variety of price points. In Lake Lure, our lake coves often have a lakefront road situated just below a lake view road. So quite often the views between lakefront and lake view will be very similar.

When buying either and lakefront or lake view home you will want to work with a Realtor that knows the area. Ask your Realtor how many homes their company handled in the market where you are looking. Lakes in general all have uniqueness’s in living, renovating, improving and building rules. Let one of our team at DK Professionals Realty help you with your search to buy your dream vacation or year round home. DK Professionals Realty also offers support in Vacation investment buying. Come speak to the professionals. In 2017 we were the top Lake Lure Realtor. Our sales speak to our service. Let us help you make your home search a fun and enjoyable experience.