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History of Columbus and its town and real estate Learn about the history of Columbus North Carolina


The Town of Columbus 1850’s, was originally hidden away from the early development of the countries crossroads and towns. Columbus was established by an overnight thought and deliberately carved from 100 acres of pure wilderness on what was then known as Foster Race path along Fosters Mountain. Today better known as Chocolate Drop Mountain in North Carolina.

In 1847, the state legislature’s first effort to find a county seat for the newly formed Polk County was greeted by a public squabble. In 1855 the legislature, while creating Polk County, named three out-of-county men as Commissioners to locate the county seat. The plan was to find a location within two miles of the geographical center of the county. The men chose Fosters Race path, as that site. The Commissioners were then authorized to purchase, or receive by donations, a tract of land, not to exceed 100 acres, on which to locate the original county seat and form Columbus. Columbus was divided into 94 lots, with seven lots reserved for public, civic, and spiritual needs. Space for a public square was reserved by the Commissioners at the northern end of the perfectly rectangular 100-acre parcel. Streets were laid out, some as wide as ninety feet, and an auction was held on October 17, 1855 to sell the lots designated for public use. A total of 59 lots were sold, bringing $16,499 into the County coffers to be used to erect public buildings. County records do not indicate an official date for the completion of the County Courthouse, but court records indicate that the Courthouse was in use by December 1857. That same structure, now listed in the National Register of Historic Places, remains in use as the County Courthouse today.

Today, Columbus is convenient to both North and South Carolina. Its just miles from the new International Equestrian Center. While the area has seen growth as with most area, Columbus maintains it beautifully historic charm. Walk the small downtown and you are sure to fall in love.