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Lake Lure, More Than Just Another Lake

I recently witnessed how little people know about Lake Lure. An out of town realtor was showing one of our lakefront properties and was asked by the buyer, “why does this lake have so many beautiful boathouses?” The agent took a stab at answering. “The people here have more money.” I learned two things in this short exchange. Number one was that people who visit our lake often don’t understand why we are different. Number two, when looking for a home anywhere you should always use a local and well informed realtor.

Enjoying Lake Lure

Lake Lure is a leisure lake. Like many lakes in the south we also have a hydro electric damn. But Lake Lure is different in that our lake under normal conditions doesn’t vary in lake levels by more than 4″. The town controls the levels of our lake. With this strict control of water levels, the lake creates the perfect environment for fixed boathouses instead of all those aluminum floating docks you find on other area lakes. Not only beautiful but boathouses extend the lake experience. It doesn’t take much to visualize sitting on your party deck over the boathouse and catching the sun. Or watching the kids jumping off the highest points into the water. Our boathouses house kayaks, canoes, tubes and of course boats. But you won’t find a jet sky here. Along with lake levels our privately owned lake has enough rules to delicately balance lake activities so everyone stays safe. On any given day you are apt to find as many non motorized crafts as motorized. Our lake defines leisure and fun.

The perfect place for a mountain wedding

If you have never been on Lake Lure. You can either visit a realtor who may be able to show you the lake or simply stop into the town marina and hop on the next 1 hour lake tour.

Lake Lure has so much to offer. The mountain, parks, neighboring Chimney Rock, all set in a healthy family environment without the hustle and bustle.

DK Professionals Realty has ranked to in Lake Lure sales since 2017. Please contact us for more information about visiting, buying, selling or investing here.

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